My thanks go to The Wellness Universe Co-Founders Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse for providing this venue for so many entrepreneurs and their endeavors to reach out to the world with healing and hope.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my good friend and mentor Miz Katy Bray for introducing me to The Wellness Universe (WU) and the opportunity to step out of playing small and write this blog. Pssst…you can find her on WU too! 

And I would especially like to thank my bonus daughter, Brianna Collett, for her patience and continued willingness to assist me in my lack of “social” skills! She is a writer-producer and director of all things media and without her I couldn’t have come this far. I love you!

Not only am I proud for stepping out and up, I am so honored and excited about being not only a new member of WU but a Participating Practitioner of EFT Tapping during WU’s SoulTREAT Fair this November in Sedona.

We each come as a pure, balanced, and all- knowing beam of bright light into this human body. A spark ignites the potential within us and we grow into the years of our earthly body. We love, play, and take on challenges as we assimilate into our surrounding to survive what our primitive minds believe is safety. And once again we leave this earthly human body to return to that pure, balanced, and all- knowing beam of bright white light. Until, perhaps, we choose to do it again to learn and/or be part of the next lesson.

It’s a little like school, sometimes we’re the student, sometimes the teacher, and sometimes both. This is why the energy and light tools of EFT Tapping, massage, Reiki, Shamanism, and so many other integrated modalities and the self- education of these is needed to empower each of us to support balance in our life.

I ran across a book recently Live with the Lights On: 90 Days to MultiDimensional Living Volume One by Katy Bray. Now I have many, many books on a variety of subjects, some for fun and relaxation and more for furthering my craft and expanding my intuitive gifts to better serve my clients. This book was personally signed and penned by Miz Katy with a few insights just for me on certain pages. (She’ll do that for you too!) I read each and every one the moment the book arrived and let them settle into my being.

I decided to do something I’ve not really done before. I challenged myself to randomly pick an oracle card and open the book to a new page each day to see how the two might coordinate and be a guide for that day. I chose a simple affirmation deck called “Today I Will” by Melody Beattie bestselling author of The Language of Letting Go. I’ve found it interesting to see how the day unfolds, guides, or possibly ends within those insights. I know this because each day (well all but two so far) I’ve always picked a card and opened the book even though I may not have been able to read it until later in the day, but I have had a few OMG moments; “I did that today” or “that happened today!” Or the two were so intertwined it was a bit, well, WuWu.

I am a third through this adventure– 30 Days into this challenge–stay tuned. I’ll be interested to see how I finish! Miz Katy Bray, I can’t wait for Volume Two and a new oracle deck!

Til next time … Love and Light to you … and … Let your Light shine

Go ahead and check out my profile on The Wellness Universe

OH! And look for me as an EFT Tapping Practitioner at the November SoulTREAT Fair in Sedona.

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