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About Pam McDonel

The dominion we each hold …

I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve…

from The Book of Knowing and Worth

A Channeled Text by Paul Selig

… a daughter of the Most High God

… a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic professional

… to serve, support, and empower others on the journey to find peace and nurture body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance

My life’s journey of self discovery and healing led me to become an EFT Tapping Practitioner, Reiki Master, Light Energy Worker, Massage Therapist, Shaman, and Ordained Minister. I integrate these and other modalities with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to serve, support, and empower my client. 

Many integrative therapies, modalities, and techniques are used to “soothe” in the moment or for short periods of time. My intent is to utilize these various techniques to actually diminish or remove the triggers that originally caused the emotions, feelings, or beliefs that no longer serve my client and “nurture” each client back to a balance of body, mind and spirit.

This is imperative if we are all to have peace, good health, and enjoy life.

What Clients Say...

Cheryllyn J.

Cheryllyn J.

While I was somewhat familiar with EFT Tapping, Pam took it to a greater level. By providing an emotionally safe space for me, I was able to explore complex emotions and release those that were holding me back from moving forward in life.

Jill E Steeley, Ed.D.

Jill E Steeley, Ed.D.

I recently completed Pam's 4-Day online EFT Tapping for Emotional Freedom Challenge. What a helpful experience! Pam walked us through how to identify conscious and unconscious thoughts that may be troubling for us. She called us to consider our reaction to traumas or events in our lives that may have caused us upsetting feelings. Then she taught us how to use Tapping to address those toxic, emotional scars. This is a mini- course you won't want to miss. Its effects can be far-reaching.

T Kishaba

T Kishaba

I just wanted to let you know that I found your four days presentation to be very interesting and informative.

I feel that there’s so much I still need to learn about distinguishing the difference between emotions, feelings, and beliefs. I’m putting more thought into identifying my reactions to things especially to the behavior of people as well as my behavior.

Gregg K.

Gregg K.

I recently attended Pam's on-line Four Day Challenge course over the internet, where she took us further in-depth on the methods of clearing emotional stress and learning to relax while tapping. She explained why EFT works and the benefits it brings to mind, body and spirit. She also took us through several clearing exercises that is helping me in my daily life.

I whole heartily recommend Pam's upcoming workshops to anyone who wants to a gain a deeper understanding of EFT Tapping and what it can do for you. It has made a big difference in my life.